How It Works

The Swell Clinic works in a quick & convenient way to give you the freedom to love swell!

Make a 100% risk free appointment for a time that works best for you

How It Works

During the appointment, a licensed healthcare professional will ask questions focusing on your individual situation and work with you to determine your best plan of care

Labs will be ordered and you will have three options for lab collection

  • Order an at home lab kit which will arrive to your home in 1-3 business days. Then complete the easy to follow home lab kit instructions and mail it back in the prepaid packaging provided

How it Works

  • Choose to walk into any LabCorps lab near you
  • Choose to have a trained professional draw your labs from the comfort of home

We’ll receive your results in 3-4 business days no matter which lab collection option you choose

Your healthcare professional will review your lab results and call you to discuss options for care

How it works

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